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The Four Dragons

Once upon a time, there was a great and powerful Spirit that ruled over all that existed. The Spirit had in his service four mighty dragons. These dragons were in fact so strong and kind that the humans liked them better than the Spirit itself! The Spirit took this very very very badly...

Preorder here (Norwegian)
Publisher: Egmont Kids Nordic 2023

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The three little pigs go to Mars


Once upon a time… Snipp Snapp Snute presents the three little pigs - in a slightly different format than the original fairy tale. The three little pigs have a new set of challenges! Their dream is to travel to Mars (like Oink Armstrong before them), however, they discover that it’s not as easy as it might sound to create space rockets from planks of wood and strips of gaffa tape. In this book, you’ll find pigs and wolves in a place you’ve never seen them before. The story is adapted from the most popular of Snipp Snapp Snute's podcast episodes.

Buy here (Norwegian)

Publisher: Egmont Kids Nordic 2022

The Emperor's New Clothes


The illustrated storybooks from Norway’s biggest children’s podcast Snipp Snapp Snute. Once upon a time, there was an emperor. He didn't care about expensive horses, fun fairs, or chocolate factories, all he wanted was to buy shiny new clothes and show them off to everyone. Dresses! Shirts! Embroidered pants! Sequined socks! The emperor’s wardrobe had every outfit imaginable, but he was never satisfied. One day two thieves knocked on the emperor’s door…

Buy here (Norwegian)​ 

Publisher: Egmont Kids Nordic 2022

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